Goal Met! Workers Rehired!

We’re a little behind on posting updates due to Hurricane Irma’s impact on south Florida.

We’re waiting to hear back from our contacts about hurricane impacts to workers and organizations in the north, northwest and northeast of the country.

Our thoughts are with those in the Caribbean and Florida who are still dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

Meanwhile, we have a backlog of news and updates to share! Here’s the first.

Goal Met. Workers Rehired.

SOTA-BO organizers at Premium Apparel send thanks & solidarity!
SOTA-BO organizers at Premium Apparel send thanks & solidarity!

At the end of August, the RRN raised over $1200 to send to 40 workers at Premium Apparel factory, all members of SOTA-BO textile union, who were out of work. These workers were illegally fired for their integral role in the previous months’ wage struggles for 800 Gourdes/day (US$12.84).

With this financial support, workers were able to stay afloat with the basic costs of living.

All 40 workers have since been re-hired and are back to organizing for their rights.

THANK YOU so much to everyone who contributed to make this possible!

If you’d still like to make a financial contribution to support Haitian garment workers and their organizing efforts, there’s never a bad time to do so.

Your contribution will be to provide meals to workers at meetings; to print leaflets; to help transport organizers; and to help deal illegal firings.

Click here to donate.

You can also stay up to date with these struggles by following the RRN on Facebook, Twitter, and via email.



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