Fund the Fight! Help Raise $1200 <3

Can you skip a lunch, dinner, or coffee out?
Will you contribute those dollars to garment workers, so they can continue their fight?


For the past three months, garment workers in Haiti fought like hell for a minimum wage of 800 Gourdes (US$12.80). As we reported last week, this struggle reached a fever pitch when politicians sold them out and their protest was met with live ammunition.

With this recent campaign, workers elevated the level and scope of their struggle. Workers turned out in record numbers, unified in their demands. Students, vendors, and neighborhood groups stood in solidarity with workers. International solidarity hit a new level with thousands of people from around the world sharing information and sending emails, donations of support.

Workers will not stop organizing, but they did decide to rest and regroup from months of mobilizations – strikes, work stoppages, and taking the streets. Despite the fact that workers were exercising their legal right to organize, many were fired and brutalized by the police.

In the aftermath, several are job-less with families to support, rent and medical bills to pay.

40 workers at Premium Apparel factory, all members of SOTA-BO textile union, are out of work. These workers were integral in leading these recent organized efforts. Without any income, they face the prospect of homelessness and starving families. If they cannot meet these costs, they will be forced to leave Port Au Prince, to leave their organizing efforts, in search of some form of work to survive.

Batay Ouvriye let us know that $900 is needed to keep this group of workers afloat.

Let’s Raise $1200 to Support These Workers’ Fight!

The additional dollars will send a little extra and cover fees associated with transferring funds through Paypal & Western Union.

Will you help us?

Can you skip a lunch, dinner, or coffee out?
Will you contribute those dollars to these workers, so that they can continue their fight?

We can do this!

If just 30 people contribute, $40 each, we can reach this goal.

If you can’t donate $40, please give what you can.
Every dollar adds up and carries a major impact for these workers.

(If you use Venmo, there are no transfer fees).

Thank you SO MUCH for your ongoing solidarity <3


*The RRN is not a 501 (c) 3, so your donation is not tax deductible… but, it is an excellent exercise of your conscience.

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