It’s important to the RRN that we support workers who are able to set the terms of their own struggles and campaigns.  We aim to coordinate solidarity efforts with workers and organizations who are autonomous.  This means rank and file workers are the ones who make decisions, and that their efforts are not controlled or dictated by some other entity or organization’s interests, such as political parties, politicians, imperialist interests, or NGO’s.  Autonomy means representing your own interest as a worker.  Today, most unions we know are not autonomous organizations.

PLASIT - a coalition of textile trade unions organized with Batay Ouvriye.

Here are some of the autonomous organizations we support:

Batay Ouvriye – an autonomous workers’ movement in Haiti

SOTA-BO – trade union of all textile workers from different factories in Port Au Prince Haiti, affiliated with Batay Ouvriye

PLASIT-BO – a coalition of Haitian textile trade unions affiliated with Batay Ouvriye.

Bangladesh Trade Union Federation


Hilton hotel workers in Pompano, FL – USA