The RRN is raising funds to support garment workers in Haiti, who after organizing for an increased minimum wage from May – July, 2017, were illegally, arbitrarily fired.

As these workers continue to organize and to fight for their reinstatement, these funds will help them pay their rent to avoid becoming homeless. Money may also be used to help some workers’ who have given birth since they were fired, and are without any income, while raising small children; and to help workers cover basic costs of living.

All funds are wired directly to organizers in Haiti to use at their discretion to support the work of SOTA-BO, SOKOWA & SOVAGH textile unions.

What can you contribute today?

You can also donate via Venmo –

The RRN is not a 501(c)3, so your donation is not tax deductible… but is a good exercise of your conscience.

Thank you for your solidarity!