Support Haiti Workers Among Uprising

For over one year, there have been ongoing uprisings across Haiti. Petro-Caribe corruption leading to increased fuel prices, costs of living, food and water shortages have made it near impossible for most Haitians to survive. As a result, people are rising up to spontaneously express their anger and frustrations.

Among the chaos, the garment workers unionized with the workers organization, Batay Ouvriye, continue to bring an organized perspective. The general call is for the ousting of President, Jovenel Moise, but workers bring a reminder that this will not address their ongoing call for an increased wage, social services and safe working conditions. Under Moise and all previous presidents, they have been unable to survive.

Recently garment workers at the Cleveland Factory owned by the Apaid family in Carrefour were fired for announcing the formation of a chapter of SOTA-BO union chapter.

On October 28 – 29, 2019 SOTA-BO union called for a march of garment workers, hotel, service and beverage laborers in Port Au Prince to bring attention to their ongoing demands and the need to organize.

As workers continue to organize facing firings, food and water shortage, your solidarity is needed!

Please make a donation to support the workers organized with Batay Ouvriye!

Your donation will go towards strike funds and will help offset the costs of printing thousands of leaflets, providing meals at union meetings, and sometimes covering transportation costs for workers traveling long distances to make meetings.


Thank you for your solidarity <3

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