Year End Goal: $2,000 to Fight Exploitation! <3

Just $530 Left to Raise Before Midnight!
We can do this.


Illegally Fired Workers Face Hunger & Homelessness

From May to July, 2017, SOTA-BO textile union led garment workers across Haiti in monumental mobilizations for an increased minimum wage. In the wake of these efforts, many of these union members were arbitrarily and illegally fired for exercising their legal rights.

  • SOTA-BO members from Quality Sewing factory have been out of work since March – another clear case of union-busting! The Ministry of labor found their firings illegal, and said they should be rehired… but, the boss refuses to let them in to work.

As the holidays approach, these workers and their families are hungry. They face losing their homes, as they cannot pay rent.

One of the workers from Quality Sewing just had a baby. The spouse of a worker from SISA also just gave birth. They are struggling to raise infants with no wages.

Workers with older children cannot send them to school. In Haiti, public schools are few and far between. So, private schools are the norm. Without income, these workers cannot pay school tuition. Their children are unable to take year end exams, and fall behind in school.

This is all because factory owners refuse workers’ basic rights.

"Workers Organize!"


Support Illegally Fired Workers – Let’s Raise $2000 before 2018!

Workers’ survival and very lives are being attacked simply, because they insist on basic rights – a decent wage that allows them to feed, house, clothe and educate themselves and their families.

Let’s help SOTA-BO members get through the year end & continue to fight!

It’s likely the best thing you can do with your money and your conscience this holiday season.

If just 50 people contribute, $40 each, we can reach this goal.

If you can’t donate $40, please give what you can.

Every dollar adds up and carries a major impact for these workers.

Stand with garment workers in their fight against exploitation!


Thank you SO MUCH for your ongoing solidarity <3


*The RRN is not a 501(c)3, so your donation is not tax deductible.

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