Caracol: Fighting Wage Theft. Punch In & Clock Out.

Caracol is in the north of Haiti.
Monday, December 4, 2017 – Garment workers at SNH Global, SA factory in the Caracol Industrial Park confronted a supervisor named Jose for not paying them their wages.

SNH Global is a subsidiary of Sae-A Trading Co. Ltd, Sae-A, a global clothing manufacturer headquartered in South Korea. Sae-A is also the anchor tenant of the Caracol Industrial Park, and is well known for its abuses to workers.

Caracol Industrial Park
Caracol Industrial Park

Factory owners, manufacturers, and the brands they produce for make millions, sometimes billions of dollars in profit by exploiting these workers with misery wages and wage theft.

Today, the workers at SNH Global fought back.

In the video below, a worker explains what has happened: “This morning, workers walked into the factory, punched in, and walked out in protest against Jose. This is happening at Module Two at Caracol.”

In the video below, workers have confronted the supervisor named Jose, and he his seen driving out of the factory gates.


Haitian garment workers already receive the lowest wage in the western hemisphere, but constantly have to fight to be paid the full sum of their paltry wages. Their salaries are often consumed just by the transportation costs of getting to and from work. Most workers live in debt, and are often on the brink of hunger and homelessness.

Production quotas are often set impossibly high. Factory owners and management do not respect the law, and often do not pay the existing minimum wage. Union members and organizers are constantly harassed and arbitrarily fired for exercising their legal rights.

We are not sure how long this action will last, but we will let you know if the workers request us to take some kind of action.

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As we head into the holiday season, this is a time when the people who work to produce and ship all the goods we consume are pushed even harder.

Solidarity with the workers in Haiti and around the world who are fighting back against exploitation!

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