Pressure Works! Fairway Workers Rehired.

Last week, the RRN reported that National Police shot at workers with real bullets to break up a small protest at Fairway Apparel textile factory in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Three workers were severely injured. Many were hurt, including a pregnant woman. A representative of Batay Ouvriye was beaten.

Workers were protesting an increased production quota, imposed by management, when the police opened fire. Fairway management  fired 13 workers who were all union members. Fellow workers stopped work to protest the firing of the union members and called on the RRN to stand in solidarity.

Work stoppage inside Fairway Apparel factory.
Work stoppage inside Fairway Apparel factory.

Then, Fairway felt our pressure! 

Thank you so much for responding to workers’ request to pressure Liu Chunmou, Director of Fairway Apparel.

Thanks in part to your emails, all thirteen workers were re-hired.  Fairway is also paying for the medical care of all the workers who were shot and injured. As far as we know, there were no deaths.

Thank you again for your ongoing solidarity!

It is amazing to see the map light up with support from around the world for this monumental fight.

Workers have been fighting since May for a minimum wage adjustment of 800 Gourdes/day (US$12.80).

Now, even the Haitian Senate is taking the side of workers.

In the coming days, we will likely share updates on Haitian President Jovenel Moise weighing in on the matter.

Please be sure to join & follow the RRN on Facebook, Twitter, & email.

The struggle continues! Workers will continue to mobilize this week and next for 800 Gourdes!


Please consider making a donation to help workers continue their efforts.

Your contribution will be used to provide meals to workers at meetings; to print leaflets; to help transport organizers; and to recoup the costs of mobilizing in four locations, since May 19.

After weeks of strikes and mobilizations, many have been arrested. Some must return to work in order to eat. Some have been denied entry into the factories for their participation in the strikes, and cannot pay rent. Some are facing medical bills from police repression.

While many workers are hungry, tired, and struggling to survive, their resolve does not wane.

They are determined to continue this fight. They must. Their survival depends on it.


Thank you for your solidarity! <3

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