Translating the Language of Imperialism

Reposted from One Struggle

That country is poor.

Translation: Your country had bountiful natural resources until we beat the hell out of you and stole everything.

Their government is incompetent. They are unable to govern themselves.

Translation: We invaded you, killed a bunch of you and set the rest at each other’s throats, and installed a dictator who’s helping us steal everything. But it’s your own fault that your country is a mess.

The US helps people all over the world.”

Translation: If you don’t want our products or loans because they’ll ruin your economy, we’ll twist your arm until you take them. We’ll charge you for interest, inputs and maintenance far beyond the value of our original ‘assistance,’ and label ourselves saints and you ungrateful.

Developing nations should be integrated into the global economy.”

Translation: First we’ll steal all your natural resources and destroy your economy, and then when your people are starving we’ll give them sweatshop jobs in our factories.

We pay low wages but their living expenses are lower so it all works out.”

Translation: I’ll tell that lie to pacify domestic consumers, but really I don’t care if you starve.

Okay, their lives are hard, but they should be grateful we gave them a job.”

Translation: You have no right to dignity, safety, to send your kids to school. I need that extra profit to pay for my fifth mansion in Switzerland.

We are bringing democracy to the world.”

Translation: We’ll crush you.

Without our help, they’d fall apart. They need us.”

Translation: We don’t produce anything, but we’re violent sociopaths loaded up with guns and nuclear weapons, so we’ll keep on sucking your blood as long as we can get away with it. If you ever stop us, we’ll die.

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